How to make a debug package on linux headless installation ?

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How to make a debug package on linux headless installation ?

Post by hervelemoal » Tue May 26, 2015 8:04 am

Hi all,

having some issues with UMS, I've posted on the forum with more or less success,

I would like to help by giving any useful information, following this post :
Often in order to help diagnose and fix your issue we need your "debug information". We have made it very easy to save and attach it to the forum:

Start UMS
Go to the Logs tab
Choose "Trace" from the "Log Level" dropdown at the bottom
Reproduce the bug
Click "Pack debug files" on the lower left
Click "Zip selected files"
Save the zip file to a location you will remember
Attach the zip file to your support thread (or start a new one) using the "Upload attachment" tab below the main text input box
If you are unable to add an attachment to our forum, you can use an upload site like Uploaded

If it is a new bug that wasn't there in a previous version, we will often request debug info from the last version that did not have the bug, too.
So if that is the case, please repeat the above steps for the last version without the bug.

Thanks for your efforts in helping us make UMS better!
But I'm very confusing about giving you that on a linux headless installation, I have activated "All" level debug, but what do you need in the "debug pack files" apart debug.log ??

Thanks for your reply.


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