Location of file can cause "parsing" error?

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Location of file can cause "parsing" error?

Post by dln949 » Thu May 28, 2015 7:02 pm

Running Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid), and UMS 5.3.1.

I have one song, file name is this: 311 - Amber.mp3

If I put that song in a directory in the computer's hard drive, and then in the "Navigation/Share Settings" tab add that directory, and then restart the server, I get no errors in the log, and I can use the server to serve that song remotely, no problem.

But, if I do the same, except that the song is in a directory on a USB-attached hard drive that is properly mounted on this computer, or, if I put it in a directory on a remote drive on the same LAN that is properly mounted on this computer, then I get the parsing error, and UMS cannot serve the song.

Here is the log output after restarting UMS when I put the file in a directory on a USB-attached hard drive mounted on this computer and then attempting to remotely access the song by relying on UMS:

05-28 01:54:07 Sending BYEBYE...
05-28 01:54:07 Stopping server on host and port 5001...
05-28 01:54:08 Using address / found on network interface: name:wlan0 (wlan0)
05-28 01:54:08 Created socket: /
05-28 01:54:08 Checking shared folder: /media/main19/Toshiba/multimedia
05-28 01:56:05 Checking shared folder: /media/main19/Toshiba/multimedia
05-28 01:56:13 The file /media/main19/Toshiba/multimedia/MUSIC/311/311 - Amber.mp3 could not be parsed. It will be hidden

Is this intended, that it works when the file is on the computer's hard drive, but not on a mounted drive?

How can I make it work so that the music that is on a mounted drive can be handled by UMS?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Location of file can cause "parsing" error?

Post by michaelt » Fri May 29, 2015 10:59 pm

yup - the parse message has less to do with parsing but more to do with various errors encountered while in the 'parse' method (code). Many errors will result in this message including failure to open the file for any reason, bandwidth calculation fails, configuration settings, transcoding , …

For me it was a combination of problem characters in the title name causing the base Open to fail and the bandwidth input data & calculation. Most fixed by tweaking names and configuration.

If you want to get to the real cause, look back in the debug.log (not on the UMS Log tab) for other failure or warning lines but not all the root causes are logged.
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