How to declare distant share folder, like SMB ?

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How to declare distant share folder, like SMB ?

Post by therevenger » Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:01 am

I run an ubuntu 12.04 headless server
ums 5.1.x
java 7 oracle

Into UMS.conf I try to declare at

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# ---< Shared folders >-------------------------------------------------------
# Shared folders
# comma-separated list of absolute path names, or leave it empty to let the
# system find media.
# Default: ""
something like this :

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folders = /home/nfs, smb//
/home/nfs is the local shared folder (nfs files system)
I have another server with SMB sharing system, I need to share it to UMS.

But that's not work, ums won't boot when I try with smb//IP/folder or just IP/folder.

Is there any solution ?

Thanks a lot.

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