Something not right in UMS initial file structure - weird prblm

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Something not right in UMS initial file structure - weird prblm

Post by goldfinger » Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:37 am

Version 5.2.3 of the UMS :)
I use the UMS in a linux setting and it works well with my TV set.
I have a QNAP which has its own DLNA server (serves here for control: TwonkyMedia)
On my iPad something works weird:
I have two DLNA client apps: Fusion Stream and PlayerXtreme
PlayerXstreme is only occasionally able to see the filestructure in the DLNA on UMS. All other combinations work (and that sucks).
So: Fusion Stream sees the file structure on both DLNA servers.
PlayerXtreme sees the file structure on TwonkyMedia, but not on UMS.

When Fusion Stream connects I get only two lines:
01:01:08 INFO No IP filter specified, access granted to /
01:02:17 INFO Checking shared folder: /var/media

When PLayerXtreme connects I get only the first.

In both cases UMS recognizes the iPad as renderer (I added the PLayerXtreme header oc)
OK - I see ... the debug.log file.... makes sense :)

The iPad renderer is located at

Dr. Karsten Jeppesen
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