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Re: Recommended settings?

Post by Nadahar » Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:06 am

I've been thinking of trying to do some anonymization of the logs for a while, but it's really a huge job. The reason is that there's no way to recognize the "sensitive data" from the rest, the logs themselves are made from hundres of different places in the code, and people often have their user name or other information as a part of their filepaths. If you just remove the filepaths from the log, the log won't help us in many cases because we need to follow what happens to a specific file. To make this work, you'd have to have one alias for every path in there, where you replaced each occurrence with the same alias so that the link relationship would still be the same. It would be a huge task, and I'm not even sure of a practical way to do that.

The easiest way imo is to open the log file in a text editor and use search-replace on the things you don't want there. I usually replace my username with "user" and that's it. If there are some sensitive media names in there as well you would have to replace them too. An easier way is to remove the shares with the sensitive media before starting the logging session, having fewer media shared also makes the logs easier to read.

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