2012-07-20 Build Version 1.4.1

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2012-07-20 Build Version 1.4.1

Post by counsil » Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:07 am

There have been several commits since SubJunk released Version 1.4.0. I was encountering some issues that have since been corrected. Feel free to download the very latest version from here:


Also, I not only recommend that you uninstall UMS (and delete the 'Program Files/UMS' directory) before installing this version, but also make sure to delete your configuration files as well. They are located in 'ProgramData/UMS'. I recommend this because the default configuration files have been greatly changed in this particular version.

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Re: 2012-07-20 Build Version 1.4.1

Post by megapixel » Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:37 am

Habe ihre version getestet(2012-07-20 Build Version 1.4.1).
Sound war nicht syncron in NavX/Movie2K.
Installieren sie MplayerMencoder sb25,dies ist einzig richtig funktionierende version.Mencoder sollte in V-Engines Prio haben.
Sonst stürzt Showtime bei stream2k ab.
Video/Webnstreaming PmsEncoder lässt sich nicht ändern.
Im Trancecode order werden keine alternativen angezeigt.
Aber Danke! So gut lief noch keine freilassung bei mir.

Have her tested version (Build 2012-07-20 version 1.4.1).
Sound was not in syncron NavX/Movie2K.
Install MplayerMencoder SB25, this is only correct functioning version.Mencoder should have priority in V-engines.
Showtime will crash when starting Stream2k.
Video / Webnstreaming PmsEncoder can not be changed.
In order Trance code displayed no alternative.
Thank you so well but still no release was with me.
In WindowsXP Find she UMS.config Unter C :/ Dokumente und einstellungen Alluser.