A few suggestions..

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A few suggestions..

Post by mik_s » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:28 am

I have a few suggestions for features that would be useful for some people, some UMS might actually be able to do but maybe not clear how to set it up.

reading the post on Aspect and Crop issues in the renderers section has me thinking that overscan compensation might be improved, i know there are options for it for Mencoder but is there a way to do it for FFMpeg too?

How about custom folder settings for shared folders? for instance option to force everything in a specific folder to be transcoded. I remember one guy on here asking to just have a transcode folder and hide everything else which this would allow.

i have been playing around with the virtual folders feature which i like but didn't find it easy to set up. this be added to the GUI in the shared folders options as a custom setting.
also monitor played status of virtual folders

would it be possible to combine multiple audio tracks and subs into the stream when transcoding to let the render able to control what to use. for example an anime MKV file with HEVC codec that has eng and jap audio and subs, watching on a renderer that dosn't support that codec but does allow to change audio/subs would mean selecting what to transcode before hand and won't allow you to change on the fly without stopping.

Some options to customise prettify filenames would be useful. eg show "Title.S01E10.720p.group.mkv" as "Title S1 E10" or "Title Season 1 Episode 10" instead of just "Title 110"

would it be possible to add the track number to the mp3 title tag for when renderers sort tracks alphabetically by track name and not by track.

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