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(Add Option) Enable File Ordering/Sorting Rules to be set for each 'Shared Folder'.

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:34 am
by jk98062
For those of us with Media Libraries on the larger-side, it can sometimes be difficult to locate specific Movies/Videos, for instance, if you've set your "File Ordering" to "By Date, Newest First" because that's the most convenient for you to watch a recently downloaded series.
But you decide that you want to watch something entirely different for a change.. Currently you've got two options, either jump onto your Media Server and change the "File Ordering" Settings then Restart the Server etc, OR you can try to remember which Two Videos or Folders are either side of the Particular Video that you want to watch; because even if you remember the Exact Date of The Video, it's of no help if you're Accessing the Media Server from say a PS3 where it doesn't list 'dates' on the immediate UI; and then you start blindly scrolling through your Media Library until you spot one of the 3 videos (Desired Video/Video Added Prior/Video Added Later).

Neither of those options are very efficient, which is why being able to set the "File Ordering" for each of your "Shared Folders" would be a welcomed addition to the Settings Panel.

So I believe that Expanding the Current "File Ordering/Sorting" Options to Enable the User to Set the Type of Ordering/Sorting on each individual "Shared Folder" is a good idea, and one that I;personally; would make immediate use of.



P.S. I searched the Forums to see if this had been suggested before, and indeed it had, but not since sometime in 2015 and I don't believe anything came of it. So I started this thread.
P.P.S For reference, my Media Library is Sorted into 3 Main Folders, Movies/Movie Collections/TV Shows.
Each and Every File Has Been Named Correctly (Similar to 'Prettify Filenames')
Inside Movie Collections each Trilogy (ie) has its own Sub-Folder and Inside TV Shows each Show has its own Sub-Folder, with Season Folders inside. If someone has a better idea for fixing my particular issue contrary to this Feature Suggestion, I'm all ears.