Support for .WTV format (Windows Media Center Recorded TV)

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Support for .WTV format (Windows Media Center Recorded TV)

Post by SkankiN » Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:17 pm


Would it be possible to support the .WTV format which is from Windows Media Center's Recorded TV (Windows 7 & 8 platforms).
Either as a build in support, or through a plugin?

If anyone willing to investigate, I can supply such persons with a short recording for testing purposes. Depending on which quility you select the output files are quite large (1gig per 30 mins or so at quality 2 of 4), so im guessing that there isnt much compression in the format (if the highest quality is selected that is), and that it's more of a container.

Hope someone can either help or point me in the right direction for me to try and solve this myself.

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Re: Support for .WTV format (Windows Media Center Recorded T

Post by Skylion » Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:54 am

Hmm, according to the multimedia wiki, FFmpeg has a .WTV muxer since 2011. Have you tried using that as your engine? This should work as a the video codec for WTV is the mpeg-2 standard and the audio codec is either mpeg-1 or ac3 according to wikipedia. So give ffmpeg a go and see if it works. Otherwise, I would recommend using one of the free wtv converters available online to transcode it into another codec for better compression.

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