Regarding the Resume option; not good enough

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Regarding the Resume option; not good enough

Post by inuya5ha » Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:28 pm

The option to resume video, by providing a new file item with the Resume prefix, must be improved.

Currently, every single time I resume something, the video starts several seconds ahead than the point where it was actually stopped.

Video should resume in (last played position - 10 seconds).

Also, the resume option is not always available or applicable; and forwarding to times such as 1 hour is a never ending task. Why not provide a virtual subdir where the videos can be played from increasing intervals of 10 minutes? Eg:

My Video.avi < actual file, converted to virtual dir
> Play from Start
> Play from 0:10
> Play from 0:20
> Play from 0:30
> Play from 0:40

> ...

That would avoid the problems with fast forwarding. This same feature is provided by LXiMediaCenter and it works perfectly fine.

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Re: Regarding the Resume option; not good enough

Post by ExSport » Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:14 am

What about to use CHapter support? It will show special folder where you will see video divided to separate parts depending on your settings. Browse UMS setting more deeply (enable advanced settings to see them)
Resume already resumes to older time but because renderer doesn't send time when file is stopped it is impossible to set right time for every occasion.
There is special custom config which defines custom "minus time" for resume files. Try SEARCH button or maybe it is already described in UMS.conf or renderer.conf? Don't remember exactly.

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