Display MP3 tag artwork on PS3

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Display MP3 tag artwork on PS3

Post by netman63129 » Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:29 pm


I would like to see MP3 tag embedded artwork displayed when playing music (iTunes playlists) on the PS3. Any embedded artwork file over 100KB will not display. Anything under 100KB displays fine. This seems to be an arbitrary value chosen by a programmer back in the days when MP3 artwork was of low quality. I have taken the time to update all of my MP3s to high-quality artwork and they can be 1MB or larger. In fact, almost all MP3 downloads from Amazon or iTunes will contain artwork larger than 100K so this would benefit anyone with a PS3. Interestingly, all artwork of any size is displayed while browsing iTunes playlists on the PS3 via UMS. However, when playing the song on the PS3 it does not appear in the lower-left corner. When the MP3 is copied and played directly on the PS3, the artwork displays fine so it does not appear to be a PS3 issue. The issue only occurs when playing MP3s from PMS or UMS.



PS I'm curious if this issue exists on the XBox/XBox360?

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