Drop support for old HTTP Engine V1?

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Re: Drop support for old HTTP Engine V1?

Post by ExSport » Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:57 am

With using http v1 and v2 you get more unreliable reports something works, something not. There are so many possible configurations so it is almost impossible to simulate them or reproducing bugs. If there will be only http v2, performing with same speed as v1, it will be best scenario. So deprecating v1 will force you, developers to find and fix possible bug in v2 which is the best way for end user :lol:
I only use v2 and if someone complains something doesn't work and I will find using v1 in log, I allways recommend switching to v2 and recreating logs. So less engines, less bugs, less work for debugging, less complains from users why so many custom settings, what should be used etc.
Take this comment as an heretical idea :mrgreen:

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Re: Drop support for old HTTP Engine V1?

Post by mfulgo » Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:03 pm

That's pretty much in line with my thinking, ExSport. My additional thought there is that less code means it's easier to understand, which means easier debugging and an easier time for new people wanting to contribute.

If there's something in V1 that someone needs, and it's missing in V2, we can always add it.

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