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Various Artist

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:33 pm
by emueyes
Before I go jumping into this, I have a question that is important to me. I have a lot of albums that are soundtracks, compilations etc which have tracks by (many) different artists on the same album. Most servers I see create an entry for each artist on such an album, even though the artist only appears once. I've seen other servers cope with this, usually by making the Artist/Album tag field something like Various Artists and then having the Artist field set to the artist for that track. It is very annoying to see dozens of extra entries in the database that have one entry in a VA album. How does UMS deal with this fairly common problem? I'm using AssetUPnP at the moment, but having it as trialware doesn't sit well with me. UMS also seems to be more extensible which is something I really like. I hope to be able to get the server to provide a pointer to the album artwork, or the artwork itself, so that I can display it on the front panel of the computer I use solely for music.

I'd be running on the LTS of Ubuntu, 13.0x, installed as the core of Mint, if that makes a difference.

I'm only talking about music here; I have a low power J1900 board specifically for music, to save having to wake up the i3 media server just to play music. No, the i3 isn't a monster, but 50W is different to < 10W for the J1900.

Ultimately I'd hope to put the BubbleSoft server on top of UMS, that may also fix the VA problem but I have doubts about that. The surest solution may be to put VA albums into a different media source.