Getting added srt files to play on LG tv(solved)

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Getting added srt files to play on LG tv(solved)

Post by Videodoctor » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:34 am

I have been trying to get external srt files to play with my mkv files on my LG smart TV downstairs.

The subtitles would play fine if they were embedded into the mkv file but not if they were added as the same name as a srt file.

After a lot of trial and error here is what i did.

1.My LG TV was being found as a default LA6200 renderer.
2.What i needed was to add the line 'SupportedExternalSubtitlesFormats = SUBRIP' to the LG-LA6200.CONF file.
3.Close UMS down by right clicking on the icon by the clock and choose 'QUIT'
4.Right click on the UMS icon on the desktop and click 'OPEN FILE LOCATION'
5.Double click on the folder 'RENDERERS'
6.Go down the list until you find your own TV'S renderer(in my case LG-LA6200.conf)
7.Right click on your config file and choose 'properties'
8.Go to 'security' at the top.
9.Click 'EDIT'
10.On the page that opens click on 'users'
11.Under the permissions for users' tick all the boxes for 'allow'
12.Click 'APPLY'
13.Then click 'ok' and 'OK' to close boxes.
14.Now right click on your config file again and choose 'EDIT'
15.Scroll down to the bottom and add the words SupportedExternalSubtitlesFormats = SUBRIP
16.Click the red close button at the top and the system will ask if you want to save it.Click 'SAVE'
17 If you now double click on your config file it should have the added line at the bottom.
18. Restart your UMS and go and try a mkv file with a srt file in the same folder.The srt MUST be named EXACTLY as the mkv file inorder for it to work.

Hope this helps some people because i have spent days trying to get this to work.


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