Splitting in A-Z folders doesn't work for numbers

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Splitting in A-Z folders doesn't work for numbers

Post by JDN165 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:43 pm

Because I have a lot of music folder I am recently using the option "Minimum item limit before using A-Z folders" by entering a specific value in the edit box.
The hint of this edit box is: "If the number of items in a folder exceeds this number, they will be divided into virtual subfolders by their first letter/number".

Since I have folders that start with a numeric value, I would expect they will also create a virtual subfolder with the first number, but that isn't the case.
A virtual subfolder "#" is created where every folder that doesn't start with a letter is placed.

Please make a change so that folders starting with a numeric value will have their own virtual subfolder (the first number). Every other non-alphanumeric folder (like those starting with "_", "-", etc) can be placed in the virtual subfolder "#".


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