Samsung UN55F8000 H265

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Samsung UN55F8000 H265

Post by jmcease » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:38 am

I am reaching out as I origionally had a problem play H265 videos. I made modifications to my SAmsung-Notcd.conf files. I can play the video now, but lost the FF and RW functions when playing these videos. Please see attached debug and conf file. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

# Supported video formats:
Supported = f:avi m:video/avi
Supported = f:flv m:video/mp4
Supported = f:mov m:video/quicktime
Supported = f:mp4 m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:mkv v:divx|h264|mjpeg|mp4|mpeg1|mpeg2|vp6|wmv a:aac|aac-he|ac3|eac3|lpcm|mp3|wma m:video/x-matroska
Supported = f:mpegps v:divx|h264|mjpeg|mp4|mpeg1|mpeg2|sor|vc1|vp6|wmv a:aac|aac-he|ac3|adpcm|dts|eac3|lpcm|mp3|wma m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:mpegts v:divx|h264|h265|mjpeg|mp4|mpeg1|mpeg2|sor|vc1|vp6|wmv a:aac|aac-he|ac3|adpcm|dts|eac3|lpcm|mp3|wma m:video/mpeg

MPEGTS-H265-AC3 H.265 (HEVC) AC-3 MPEG-TS Only FFmpeg outputs H.265, others will output H.264
MPEGTS-H265-AAC H.265 (HEVC) AAC MPEG-TS Only FFmpeg outputs H.265, others will output H.264
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