Get non transcoded MKVs with DTS to work on Sony BDP-S5200

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Get non transcoded MKVs with DTS to work on Sony BDP-S5200

Post by rbair1 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:38 pm

Hello all,
Just started using UMS and I love this over PLEX. My setup is UMS on my PC upstairs streaming to my Sony BDP-S5200 Blu-ray in my theter which then outputs to a newer Denon Reciver and then to a projector. I can get transcoded videos to work all day with this setup, but they tend to be less responsive to FF and RW operations so I prefer non transcoded as my Blu ray can decode MKV and my receiver can handle dolby digital and DTS for the decoding. When I add MKVs to the do not transcode box, MKVs with Dolby Digital or AAC will work just fine. However, when I try to direct stream (no transcode) any MKV's with DTS, it freezes the bluray and they will not play. Those same files play fine with transcoding, even if I enable the "keep DTS audio" option in UMS. After three hours of research last night, I still could not get it working, but here is what I think I know.
-Sony got cheap and only has Dolby Digital decoding on the blu rays from 2013, but shouldnt the bluray just pass the DTS audio to the receiver?
-I turned bluray digital audio output to auto (other option is PCM) which should force it to bitstream when it cannot decode the DTS. Dolby Digital compatibale output is turned off. BD Audio Mix Setting is off. Audio DRC is off
-On UMS, I have tried all the audio options, none of them checked, by pass enabled, LPCM, and so on but they all freeze the bluray.
-When the blueray freezes, the log states " 01:53:44 ERROR Failed to send action "GetPositionInfo" to Blu-ray Disc Player: Error: Current state of service prevents invoking that action. Connection error or no response received."
-The render being loaded for my blue ray player (2014 model) was just the sony bluray config file when there was one for newer (2013) players. I copied the contents of the sony bluray (2013) file and created a new config file for my player with that content...didn't seem to make a difference.

Has anyone gotten UMS to direct stream MKVs with DTS audio on Sony Blu-ray or PS3s which use very similar interface and capabilities? If so, what is your setup? The easy solution is probably just to get a Roku or something, but why waste money...

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Re: Get non transcoded MKVs with DTS to work on Sony BDP-S5200

Post by Scott817 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:01 am

Under Audio setting check "Encoded Audio passthrough for AC3 and DTS" and you should get sound.

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