Cannot access UMS with my Sony KD-65XE7096 - connection fails

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Cannot access UMS with my Sony KD-65XE7096 - connection fails

Post by MrSoul4470 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:51 pm

Hi everyone! I am trying to access UMS with my Sony KD-65XE7096, but it doesn't work at all. I know that there is a new conf file for the new Sony TVs and when I check it, it seems it should also be valid for my TV, but whenever I try to access UMS my TV tells me that connection failed. I don't even get to see any folders and stuff.

I read somewhere that setting chromecast_extension=false in UMS.conf file in the profile folder might make things work when there are connection errors, but it doesn't work for me. Do I always have to restart the TV and UMS after making changes or would it work without?

I also tried Java 7 instead of 8, but also no success.

Would the log-file be helpful for anyone to find out what the issue really is? If so, what kind of log-file would be needed? (like: all, error, debug, ...?)

I'd really appreciate some help here, because I love UMS and don't want to look for alternatives. It just really upsets me that I can't make it work with my Sony TV.

Thanks in advance!
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