AppleTV Renderers - Infuse 5 or alternative

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AppleTV Renderers - Infuse 5 or alternative

Post by infinityends » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:47 pm

I'm curious what apps people use with UMS on AppleTV?

I've used VLC in the past and it is painful.

I've been using Infuse 5 but somewhere between the switch to infuse 5 from infuse 4 and UMS 6.5.X I started having issues with UMS crashing and then i have to delete and reconnect the share in Infuse for it to work properly.

I'm wondering if there is something other than Infuse I should try? there dont appear to be any official renderers for appletv beyond vlc.

I know I probably need to enable logging on UMS to figure out what is going on, not sure if im hitting a memory cap causing the crash, the system has plenty of ram to offer though.



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