Xbox 360 Profile & CustomFFmpegOptions

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Xbox 360 Profile & CustomFFmpegOptions

Post by DarkJoney » Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:39 am

Hello, guys. I run UMS and Emby at HP Microserver N40L with slow Turion CPU, but I have GT1030 installed. Emby uses it perfectly while I use it with Chromecast, no shutter, no lag, but it's not able to work with X360 due to the lack of profile, and that's why I am trying to deal with UMS.
I would like to use my Gt1030 with UMS, CUDA or NVENC, no sense, I just want to get rid off 100% CPU load while streaming. The tick "use gpu" does nothing, I tried ffmpeg, ffmpeg+avisync, + CoreAVC, and finally I have moved ffmpeg libs from Emby to UMS, which support both CUDA and NVENC, and still nothing changed, the CPU keeps loaded at 100%.
I had a huge problems with default profile, and now I am able to watch movies on X360 after I limited max resolution in it to 1280x720. But, CPU is still loaded, and I want to use nVIdia.
I tried to deal with CustomFFmpegOptions, but any change of this parameter caused "process exit with code 1" and "error argument". I tried to copy default settings from the log, and it kept crashing.
Most servers transcode stream in WMV, but UMS says mpeg2video. I find it a bit strange.
Guys, please, gimme an example of working default parameters of CustomFFmpegOptions for X360, or just a string with the settings which can activate nvidia with ffmpeg.
I will really appreciate your help. Thanks.

P.S Running at Windows Server 2012 R2.

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Re: Xbox 360 Profile & CustomFFmpegOptions

Post by Sami32 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:49 am


feel free to test this Xbox 360 renderer and give feedback. ... ox360.conf

For UMS replace the line

Code: Select all

H264LevelLimit = 4.1
by this one instead:

Code: Select all

H264Level41Limited = true
Your renderer's feedback will be greatly appreciate ;)

Have a nice day,

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