Laser Co Blu Ray Player BD 3000

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Laser Co Blu Ray Player BD 3000

Post by Spackle » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:14 pm

Created a conf file for this popular multiregion BD player in Australia/NZ ... for-bdlive

It is not the easiest device - it shows up in UMS as 蓝光播放器 and seems to conflict with Vizio Smart TV conf. This translates literally to "blu ray player."

it appears to be a japanese company making an OEM DLNA renderer that is similar to bravia.

uuid:140479c0-58f3-1cef-84bf-00226d123cfe" (default: "
manufacturer=ACCESS CO., LTD., modelName=NFLC SDK v1.5, modelNumber=1.0, modelDescription=IPI Media Renderer, manufacturerURL=, modelURL=}

At any rate the conf file seems to work for me - you might want to tweak the audio channels available - I only have 2 channels setup, although I think it should do 5:1 over HDMI only.

Basically the player suppports a variety of formats but the DLNA renderer is pretty basic.

Also I'm running on OSX Mojave. Due to permissions issue, I had to manually put the file into the renderers folder inside the app and then do chmod 644 and change owner to root before it would be recognised. App doesn't seem to recognize the file in ~[Home]/Library/Application Support/UMS/Renderers
However you do need to manually create ffmpeg.webfilters in ~[Home]/Library/Application Support/UMS/ which it does recognise? (it complains if you don't)

You have to create the file manually and drag it in, as clicking the "Create file" in the UMS panel won't let you do so in the right place due to access permissions. Also if you name the file 蓝光播放器, it shows up to UMS as ??? instead - so you have to name it "laser" or something. No Unicode support in UMS?

hope this helps, literally took me hours to work this one out since the device doesn't report anything useful to UMS really. The manual lists some supported formats, very high level.
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