Siemens Gigaset M740AV

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Siemens Gigaset M740AV

Postby ge2001 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:54 am

this is my solution for the Siemens Gigaset M740AV Client to receive contents from the Universal Media Server 3.30.
A great help was the Mencoder doc page at
Now the Universal Media Server is usable with Siemens Gigaset M740AV UPNP-Client. Thanks guys.
I'm very happy. :-)

Download the attached zip file. It includes the config file, a M740AV image and snapshots to configure UMS.
It is very important to set the MPEG-2 Quality Settings to "keyint=25:vqmax=5:vqmin=2".
Using the default setting causes AV sync problems.
The maximal Bitrate of the M740AV device is very poor (~ 22Mb/s). The peaks are the problem.
Copy "SiemensGigasetM740AV.conf" into the renderers directory of the Universal Media Server directory.
Copy "SiemensGigasetM740AV.png" into the renderers directory of the Universal Media Server directory.

Update 11 Dec 2013:
CustomMencoderOptions - missed comma in front of parameter "harddup".

Update 14 Dec 2013 Rollback:
CustomMencoderOptions - inserting a comma in front of parameter "harddup" i'm not able to watch some video formats, i.e. flv.
Using "harddup" without a comma is against the MEncoder docs, strange issue, but in this case it works.

Update 24 Dec 2013:
Please keep the old zip file if you encounter problems.
Video scaling now managed by UMS under MEncoder transcoding settings.
Video resuming enabled inside UMS.
ShowDVDTitleDuration - setting to "true".
Fixed: Unknown length of titles. Now it is easy find the main film inside Iso's and DVD's.
CustomMencoderOptions - completly new!
Fixed: Iso's and DVD's always plays default audio and default subtitle language.
Fixed: Divx container with avi videos jerking.
Fixed: Iso's and DVD's lost AV-sync after resuming.
Fixed: Flv videos with 22050Hz audio do not play.
StreamExtensions - "mpg" removed.
Fixed: Now we can play Mpg videos with ac3 audio, because Mpeg2 always transcoded.
UMS MEncoder Expert settings: Code specific parameter - parameter added.
Fixed: Audio disturbance while playing NTSC Videos/Tubes with 23,976 or 29,970 fps.
Fixed: FLV videos with missing audio bitrate parameter do not play.

Tech info:
23,976 fps is not 23,976 fps, it is 24000/1001 fps! 29,970 fps is not 29,970 fps, it is 30000/1001 fps!
Formula: -speed=fpsOUT/(fpsIN). Keep in mind that fpsIN is 24000/1001 for 23,976 fps and 30000/1001 for 29,970 fps.
Example to convert from fpsIN=23,976 fps to fpsOUT=25 fps: -speed=25/(24000/1001), so -speed=25*1001/24000, so -speed=25025/24000.

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Re: Siemens Gigaset M740AV

Postby DeFlanko » Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:42 am

can you upload the Render image as well?

max height is 120px

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Re: Siemens Gigaset M740AV

Postby ge2001 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:29 am

Sure, i prefer the first one because it looks better if the Render image is centered.
Images could be stored in the renderers directory of the Universal Media Server.
In the config file you should point RendererIcon to the Image, i.e. RendererIcon=SiemensGigasetM740AV.png.

SiemensGigasetM740AV.png (5.53 KiB) Viewed 1322 times
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