Samsung E Series Transcoding

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Samsung E Series Transcoding

Post by Optimus_prime » Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:54 pm

Hi All,
Whilst i've been trying to fix this issue myself, Some one over at PS3 Media Server Forums has beaten me to the punch.
This config though just adds the line "ChunkedTransfer=true" plus adds a few extensions that the latest samsungs can handle.

Now i'm not sure if it will break other Samsung TV's (A/B/C Series) or Blu-Ray players but it works for both FFmpeg and Mencoder. Now i haven't fully tested it with everything but this is the first time Transcoding has worked for me in a long time.
(As I own a D and E Series)
Please test and post your results, oh and don't forget to back up your previous .conf file :D
I'm currently updating the Samsung TV .conf file to properly represent what files the D/E Tv's are capable of

EDIT: Subjunk beat me to it and put it into the latest release. looks i was 4 days too late ;)

EDIT2: This breaks D series TV's as it wants to chunk transfer everything, i'm submiting a E series only .conf shortly
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Re: Samsung E Series Transcoding

Post by tubstac » Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:11 pm

Thanks, This has fixed a thick dark horizontal band i was getting when streaming. :D

Is there any way to force use the subtle settings I have in UNP for allshare. At the mo it seems to be overridden with what ever is in the actuall mkv shell.

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