Naim Uniti renderers

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Naim Uniti renderers

Post by elsabio » Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:27 am

I have written a simple profile for the Naim Uniti2 renderer (

Unfortunately, this device does not seem to have any http headers that distinguish it from the Philips Streamium, but the Streamium profile included with UMS 2.6.2 (and somewhat earlier) does not work correctly with the Naim.

I attach the profile and an image. To use it, the Streamium.conf profile will have to be moved out of the renderers directory.

What I would like is ...

1. If you have a Streamium, tell me if this profile works for it too please.
2. Even better - if you have this or any Naim streaming device, does this profile work for the NDS, SuperUniti, UnitiQute etc.
3. And, also if you have a Streamium, does the Streamium.conf profile included with UMS work for you (because my quick scan through the code tells me there is something missing in the way the configuration for "parserV2" is handled and I think it probably does not work at the moment)?

And one for SubJunk and the team ...

4. Do we have a means to have support for devices that we can't distinguish by the http headers alone?

This goes in a new "images" directory created at the root of the UMS installation tree.
This goes in a new "images" directory created at the root of the UMS installation tree.
NaimUniti2.png (13.65 KiB) Viewed 2535 times
This goes in the renderers directory, and the Streamium.conf file has to be moved out.
(1.88 KiB) Downloaded 272 times

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