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Jumpy Plugin (26 October 2016)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:24 am
by infidel

  • Many thanks to users new and old, but alas jumpy is no longer under development and has become incompatible with UMS versions above 6.5.3 due to api changes. If you would like to try jumpy anyway, UMS 6.5.3 is available in the Official Releases archive.

Jumpy-0.3.10 - 26 October 2016

  • Resolver fixes + minor jumpy api improvements.
  • jumpy-xbmc:
    • Actual InfoLabels support (thanks @sapsa :) ).
    • Minor fixes.
Download , for installation instructions see Quick Setup.

Note: when reporting bugs please set logging to TRACE and attach UMS.conf or PMS.conf + debug.log + jumpy.log + jumpy-scripts.ini + PMSencoder.log together as one zip file (or use either the Pack debug files button on the UMS Traces tab or DbgPack plugin in PMS).

Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:29 am
by infidel


  • Jumpy (Java Underlay for Modules in PYthon) is a framework for scripts or other external processes to plug into UMS or PMS, primarily to
    • add folders and media items to the xmb.
    • act as user-defined external players.
    The API is accessible from python via jumpy's python module, or from other languages via system calls. Interaction is through a localhost socket managed by py4j.

    Jumpy began with my having grown tired of occasionally poaching stuff 'by hand' from xbmc addons for use in PMS, and deciding to see if I could mock the xbmc plugin API itself so as to run these addons under PMS as-is. The result is Jumpy plus jumpy-xbmc, an included set of python modules to 'jump' the xbmc addons.

    Jumpy-xbmc works with most xbmc video addons: Hulu, Free Cable, Al Jazeera, PBS, Academic Earth, YouTube, and many more. Addons are 'mostly' :) functional in the sense that all content is shown but interactive features that require user input are inactive.

    Jumpy itself is general-purpose, of course, and you can use it to plug your own scripts/commands, python or other, into UMS/PMS as well.
  • Jumpy-0.3.9b - 26 February 2016
    • [version 0.3.9b] jumpy-xbmc: Always re-import logging module (fixes xbmcswift logging, e.g. in TwitchTV).
    • [version 0.3.9b] Fix empty results in jumpy resolver.
    • Support setting multiple cookies for ffmpeg.
    • Make jumpy cmd arrays resolvable via ums resolver.
    • Add size to media details.
    • Jumpstart: fix py4j loading + add '-r' rediscover option (thx hoteloskar :)).
    • jumpy-xbmc:
      • More kodi api updates + minor fixes.
      • Fix addon startup environment.
      • Support optional dependencies + 'special://skin'.
  • Jumpy-0.3.8 - 19 December 2015
    • Fix bookmarks.
    • Support http headers/cookies for ffmpeg .
    • Warn if 8dot3 'shortpaths' are disabled in Windows.
    • Ensure user players are always called regardless of format/mimetype.
    • Fix async startup sequence.
    • Minor api additions.
    • jumpy-xbmc:
      • Support http headers/cookies.
      • Kodi api updates
      • Support .po settings files.
      • Support log levels.
  • Jumpy-0.3.7 - 27 August 2015
    • New script: Capture - grab and stream your devices.
    • Faster plugin startup via lazy loading of webreader/feedreader links (which I'm guessing most people don't use :-)).
    • Player improvements: renderer-customized ffmpeg output, realtime logging.
    • Resolver improvements: update to new youtube-dl api + better scraping.
    • Minor api additions + general fixes (including a much-needed code cleanup by Nadahar, thx).
    • jumpy-xbmc: a minor api fix.
  • Jumpy-0.3.6 - 25 April 2015
    • A maintenance release with minor fixes and api changes.
    • Fixed resolver verification errors which affected some kodi plugin:// urls
    • jumpy-xbmc: kodi update + minor general fixes.
      Notes on migrating to kodi:
      • if your UMS.conf contains any of the settings xbmc.path, xbmc.home.path or xbmc.main.path, shut down UMS and
        • If Kodi is installed at the default locations delete these settings.
        • Or edit them to point to any non-standard locations.
      • if you're experiencing trouble with addons transferred from gotham see here.
  • Jumpy-0.3.5 - 24 April 2015 - reissued as 0.3.6 after fixing resolver bug.
  • Jumpy-0.3.4 - 11 November 2014
    • A maintenance release to fix youtube-dl support in the jumpy resolver.
  • Jumpy-0.3.3 - 27 July 2014
    • Mostly a maintenance release with minor fixes.
    • Added a new force_resolve setting for jumpy-xbmc via the jumpy > Scripts > jumpy-xbmc gui panel (which will save to UMS/jumpy/xbmc.conf in the user profile folder). This is equivalent to setting resolve_at_playback=false for individual addons as opposed to making it the global default. In the gui, add plugin ids one per line in the force_resolve box and save, e.g.:

      Code: Select all
  • Jumpy-0.3.2 - 8 April 2014
    • Fixes the 'fast-exit' aka buffering bug which affected some streams when resolving at playback. If you've currently disabled resolve_at_playback in jumpy.conf because some streams weren't working, try setting it back to true:

      Code: Select all

      resolve_at_playback = true
    • Adds html scraping to resolver which allows discovery of embedded media in blogs, articles and so on.
    • Fixes a recent incompatibility with PMS.
    • Many fixes to jumpy-xbmc thanks to user feedback.
  • Jumpy-0.3.1 - 24 January 2014
    • A maintenance release to fix minor mediainfo, logging and gui bugs.
  • Jumpy-0.3.0 - 18 December 2013
    • A new scripts panel in the gui: manage scripts without editing conf files.
    • New media info support.
    • Better subtitle support.
    • A few new api functions.
    • Various other minor improvements and bugfixes.
    • Notes:
      • Only if installing the zip package:
        • jumpy's various conf files are now consolidated within one jumpy directory in the UMS profile folder. The installers will migrate your existing files automatically, but when installing by zip you'll need to do this by hand.
        • Some of the new gui script info is expected to be in jumpy-scripts.ini now (see jumpy/examples/sample-jumpy-scripts.ini for new settings to merge/replace by hand).
      • OS-X users:
        • Mountain Lion and earlier: the mac .app auto-installer ( is back and can be used.
        • Mavericks: Unfortunately Mavericks has dropped the X11 package which means the installer's xterm console won't work, so you'll need to launch the linux installer( inside Terminal instead.
  • Jumpy-0.2.9 - 14 September 2013
    • fixed gratuitous folder splits on the xmb caused by literal '/' characters in labels.
    • improved Earmarker startup, added rss support.
    • conforms better to expected dlna response logic (h/t Casper).
    • various resolver fixes.
    • a few api additions and misc internal fixes.
    • jumpy-xbmc: bug/compatibility fixes resulting from user feedback (thanks!)
    • Notes:
      • due to recent breaking changes this package actually includes two builds of jumpy (automatically loaded at startup based on the detected version of UMS/PMS):
        • jumpy-0.2.9.jar.legacy: for UMS 3.0.0-a1 / PMS 1.82.0 and below
        • for UMS 3.0.0-a3 / PMS 1.90.0 and above
      • OS-X users: my mac is still on vacation so no .app auto-installer yet, however you can launch the linux installer( inside Terminal instead.
      • Panasonic TV and Bravia TV users: see here for fixes to get things working.
  • Jumpy-0.2.8 - 7 August 2013
    • new script:
      • earmarker - bookmark your browser's current page for media scanning in UMS/PMS with one click.
    • misc internal changes to hopefully improve performance/reliability.
    • a few api additions.
    • jumpy-xbmc: many bug/compatibility fixes resulting from user feedback (thanks!)
    • Notes:
      • due to recent breaking changes this package actually includes two builds of jumpy (automatically loaded at startup based on the detected version of UMS/PMS):
        • jumpy-0.2.8.jar.legacy: for UMS 3.0.0-a1 / PMS 1.82.0 and below
        • for UMS 3.0.0-a3 / PMS 1.90.0
      • OS-X users: my mac is on vacation so no .app auto-installer yet, however you can launch the linux installer( inside Terminal instead. PM me if you're willing to help generate the .app installer (involves installing an app and running a script).
      • FFmpeg Web Video: see here for fixes to get things working.
  • Jumpy-0.2.7 - 17 May 2013
    • new OS-X .app auto-installer.
    • better localized text support for non-English languages.
    • implemented late-resolving media items (credit goes to SharkHunter :)), which reduces folder-depth on the xmb and groups media items better.
    • automatic support for the new UMS url resolver functionality via the xbmc and youtube-dl url resolvers, see the docs and also:
      • Linux/OS-X users: there's currently a bug in UMS which prevents playback of these resolved urls. A temporary fix is here.
    • a few api additions
    • jumpy-xbmc:
      • now slightly faster and more robust (hopefully!)
      • more bugfixes resulting from user feedback (thanks!)
      • improved support for the xbmc api.
  • Jumpy-0.2.6 - 2 February 2013
    • jumpy-xbmc:
      • background services (common plugin cache, veetle proxy) are now started automatically, so
        • turn System>Addons>Enabled Addons>Services>Common plugin cache>Configure>Autostart with XBMC back on if you previously disabled it as indicated here
        • remove the veetle proxy fix if you're using it now
      • more bugfixes resulting from user feedback (thanks!)
      • improved xbmc support
    • support for subtitles (via valib and SubJunk's fabulous upcoming UMS improvements)
    • a few api additions
  • Jumpy-0.2.5 - 17 January 2013
    • support for icons
    • better text cleanup on labels
    • no 'Add bookmark' in empty folders
    • jumpy-xbmc:
      • many bugfixes resulting from user feedback (thanks everyone!)
      • hide sensitive settings (user/pw) in logs
    • scripting
      • allow creation of root folders on the xmb
      • better support for background processes
      • new api functions: addCmd, addConsoleCmd, imgfx, setIcon, refresh, getXmbPath
      • allow removal of individual environment variables
      • extended use of substitution variables
      • misc bugfixes
  • Jumpy-0.2.4 - 19 November 2012
    • various improvements to jumpy-xbmc, including
      • better language support.
      • updated addon support.
      • better rtmpdump support.
      • misc bugfixes.
    • new self-update capability for future releases.
    • new Linux/OS-X auto installer for Jumpy and all tools.
      (Note: this is still alpha and your feedback is appreciated :)).
    • compatible with the upcoming UMS 2.0.1 Plugin Installer.
  • Jumpy-0.2.3 - 22 September 2012
    • misc bugfixes to jumpy-xbmc and webreader.
    • new Windows 1-click installer for Jumpy and all tools.
  • Jumpy-0.2.2 - 5 September 2012
    • a config panel in the gui, finally.
    • new feature: scripts as players.
    • numerous API additions.
    • new player scripts:
      • webreader - browse snapshots of your web pages.
        • requires PMS 1.70+ and phantomjs.
        • look on the xmb under Jumpy/Examples/Web Reader for examples
          (if Examples is missing see Note 1 below).
      • text - play your text files as video.
        • find a '.txt' file somewhere and click on it.
      Note 1: if you already have a jumpy-scripts.ini in your PMS profile folder, temporarily rename it and restart. Jumpy will write a new default ini with the examples included, then merge your original ini by hand.

Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:30 am
by infidel
(reply to question originally posted here)
Madman_X wrote:Hello,

Thanks for the excellent work with Jumpy! I've used it successfully several times to access my XBMC plugins via PMS. However, I've struggled a bit to get it configured to successfully view shows via the Veetle XBMC addon. I do understand that the original veetle plugin in XBMC had some playback issues over the past 2-3 months due to veetle site changes, and those have been patched, as I have my local files. I am able to successfully view video content using XBMC and the veetle plugin directly. However, when I go to Jumpy to get to the veetle plugin, I can browse to things just fine, but all links fail to play and eventually generate an error in xbmc. One might ask why I would play veetle content when XBMC plays it fine... it has to do with streaming the content to my various devices that support upnp, but do not support xbmc. In any case, it looks like there is an error in the logs dealing with ffmpeg.exe not sure if that is the culprit or not. I've removed all associated programs (python, jumpy, xbmc, etc.) and reinstalled all, using your installer. The only thing I've had to change in the config is to point to the correct folder where xbmc program files reside (on my d: drive vs. c: drive). I'm attaching the, with xmbc log file included in the zip as well. Thanks in advance for your assistance in troubleshooting and resolving the issue!

Best Regards,
Hi Madman_X,

The fix you're using for veetle in XBMC (patched avformat-52.dll) can't be used as-is in UMS because it's specifically compiled without ffmpeg support (even though it's a part of ffmpeg to begin with. If it had ffmpeg support it would in theory be possible to drop it into a dynamic ffmpeg build which could be run from UMS).

EDIT: this fix is no longer necessary as of jumpy-0.2.6

Luckily the second solution (veetle proxy) in the xbmc forums seems to work nicely in both Windows and linux:
  • Unzip to your xbmc addons folder.
  • start xbmc and make sure veetle is working.
  • with xbmc still running, restart UMS.
  • veetle links in jumpy should now be working (via the proxy server running in xbmc).
It's also possible to run the proxy without xbmc:
  • Add a section like this to your jumpy-scripts.ini, substituting the correct path to your xbmc user folder:

    Code: Select all

    [+veetle proxy]
    cmd = cmd /c start python C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\\
  • restart UMS. The proxy should pop up running in a command console.
  • you'll need to manually shut down the proxy by closing the console whenever you stop UMS.
Note that there can only be one instance of the proxy running at any time, otherwise things will get screwed up.

It would also be possible to build a patched ffmpeg, since the patch (to libavformat/flvdec.c) is trivial, but it doesn't seem worthwhile since the underlying cause appears to be that veetle has made arbitrary changes to its stream headers, which it could change again at any time.

Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:52 am
by SubJunk
Great! I will hopefully be done with our plugin interface soon so you can add this to the Plugin Installer too :)

Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:37 am
by infidel
SubJunk wrote:Great! I will hopefully be done with our plugin interface soon so you can add this to the Plugin Installer too :)
Looking forward to it SubJunk :).

Jumpy is a little installer-unfriendly in that it needs download+unzip+launch capabilities to set up properly. It already comes with a Windows auto installer (just a batch file running via self-extracting exe) which does all this, but it needs to run with UMS offline due to file-locking and also the fact that it writes some settings to UMS.conf. Offhand, I'm not that keen on rewriting all this as a custom java stub, but maybe your revised interface already takes care of some of it?

Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:16 pm
by Madman_X
Hi Infidel,

Thanks for the detailed response. I tried both of your options for getting Veetle back up/running with Jumpy and both work great. I'll probably go the route of the script though since I don't generally use XBMC on my windows machine except for testing and installing the addons for use with Jumpy. Really appreciate the reply... I worked on this for a couple of hours and had just decided to ask for help...glad I did!


Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:44 pm
by SharkHunter
Hi infidel

Nice to see you over here :)
You've been productive I see. Maybe I should do a crack on jumpy again...

Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:54 am
by infidel
It's got plenty of cracks already, thanks :).

Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:22 am
by Wishthink
Sorry to bring back a thread from the dead. My post was deleted and I was told to paste it here, so sorry.

I've attached a zip with all the UMS debug stuff (plus PMSencoder).

I can watch XBMC on my computer just fine, and i can watch some of the add-on's (like penny arcade) through UMS on my TV. I can't however watch twitch on my TV. I can load it up, choose favorites, click afolder etc until i get to a video stream. I click it and it stalls for a second and i get a 80028E1 error on my screen and a return err code 255(used to be 1) in UMS trace.

EDIT: copying and pasting an rtmpdump into C:\ changed the code back from 255 to 1.

Re: Jumpy Plugin (22 Sep 2012)

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:25 am
by infidel
Wishthink wrote:My post was deleted and I was told to paste it here, so sorry.
No need to apologise, this is the right place. Political refugees are welcome :).
Wishthink wrote:I can't however watch twitch on my TV.
For the new twitch temporary fix see the following post.