Web Streams (with WAIT for download)

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Re: Web Streams (with WAIT for download)

Post by infidel » Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:39 am

! added a priority setting to addPlayer (0=first, -1=last) as the last argument, so to set downloadfirst as a second-priority #--TRANSCODE--# folder player include all arguments in jumpy-scripts.ini (note the -1 at the end):

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cmd = pms addPlayer downloadfirst "[/path/to/downloadfirst.sh , ${filename} , /path/to/outdir , ${outfile}]" "f:http m:video/mpeg" PMS_VIDEO PMS_MISC_PLAYER "Watch and save" #raspberry 0:1 -1
Current dev version of jumpy including all above-mentioned player/vmsg fixes:
unzip to the plugins folder

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Re: Web Streams (with WAIT for download)

Post by Wolfgan » Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:10 am

Outside of jumpy plugin, does anyone know how web.conf streams interacts with the renderer.conf for transcoding?

I have a VLC generated stream that's compatible with my renderer and I want it to be discovered by the renderer via DLNA using UMS. But when I play it, UMS always launch ffmpeg to transcode it.
Is there any place to force config and avoid it to be transcoded and simply remuxed/streamed?
Thx, Wolf.
-- UMS serving PS3, WDTV, Samsung H6400 + J5500 and Kalemsoft renderers! (no video transcoding but remuxing accepted :D )

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