Movies freezing close to finish

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Movies freezing close to finish

Post by Resease » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:59 am

I'm using Mirascreen's dongle as renderer on my TV with the basic configuration:

SeekByTime = exclusive
TranscodeVideo = MPEGTS-H264-AC3
TranscodeAudio = MP3
MaxVideoBitrateMbps = 20

Max buffer size = 400 MB - In global settings

When I'm watching .mkv episodes (about 23:35 min each one) after the renderer plays 23:31 min the buffer bar just appears and doesn't load anymore, the episode is paused and frosted. After checking in UMS I could see that the blue bar and Actual Bitrate (from transcoding) are off while the Bitrate peak goes crazy reaching 3000 Mb/s with the movie stopped.

I looked into the logs and noticed that the problem occurs a few seconds after the buffer being destroyed, so, maybe I should increase the buffer time to avoid it but I didn't find anything related to it and I'm not sure if this is a solution.

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