Stutter on PS3, not on PS4

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Stutter on PS3, not on PS4

Post by Lenalee » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:58 am

Heey everyone!

Posting here in advance, since I am not at home, but will attach a log later.
Atm I have 2 consoles in my bedroom (3 meters away from my wireless router). A ps4 and ps3, atm me and my wife are playing a game on the PS3 (phat), since wierdly, it helps her sleep.
She cannot sleep without background noise, and once I am too tired to play we play a movie or form of series.

UMS is set to wireless mode. Streaming to PS3 phat in the past was no issue (also a phat model). Now I have a new PS3 since my old one died. This one stutters while playing small or bigger forms of media. If I use my PS4 however, using no different setting, I have no issues at all.
Since my bedroom tv only has 1 hdmi port, I need to get out of bed, switch from PS3 to PS4, open the video and get back, usually waking her up. Before I post any logs, might you guys have any idea?
Wired internet isn't possible in my bedroom T_T

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