PS4 Playback Issues Over WiFi

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PS4 Playback Issues Over WiFi

Post by marx » Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:24 am

I've been having an issue with UMS/PS4 Media Player playback. When I play a video, it will sit loading for at least a few minutes. Eventually, I'll either get a message stating that the media could not be played or the video will play but only a second or two at a time, stopping to buffer almost constantly.

I was able to play the same video on a Vizio Smart TV. It had some different issues, but at least played video with watchable consistency.

My PC is hardwired but everything else is wireless, which is the first thing I normally would blame, however in my troubleshooting I was able to play any video via Plex on a laptop without issues (though that still wasn't working with the PS4, so I abandoned that for UMS). As well, I have mo issues streaming Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. The PS4's "Test Internet Connection" utility pretty consistently comes back with 20-60+ Mbps with a consistent high 90's signal strength. I haven't actually tried a hard line to the PS4 only because I don't have a long enough cable.

I feel like I've tried a little of everything. I'd appreciate any tips!
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Re: PS4 Playback Issues Over WiFi

Post by Sami32 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:04 am

You should try to go in the "General Configuration" tab and select "Use automatic maximum bandwidth".
After that you should try again and post a new trace log if it still doesn't work.
That should confirm or at least give us a more precise picture of your issue.

You could also try to modify the PS4 renderer as following:

Code: Select all

TranscodeVideo = MPEGTS-MPEG2-AC3
#TranscodedVideoFileSize = -1

Code: Select all

TranscodeVideo = MPEGTS-H264-AC3
#TranscodedVideoFileSize = -1

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