Subtitles in MKV with PS3

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Subtitles in MKV with PS3

Post by JaedenRuiner » Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:39 pm

I really love this program. I use it everywhere, I recommend it all the time. That being said, after all this time, I've noticed a growing trend with MKV files, that the subtitle engine is...inconsistent to say the least.
Granted I use a PS3 pretty much all the time, so maybe the fault lies somewhere in there, but a sony blu-ray player allows me to use the "Subtitles button", where the PS3 does not. Since I tend to watch a lot of anime, not to mention need to keep volumes down late night, i typically have the "Subtitles" on all the time. Common Transcode settings, Subtitles Settings, Language Priority:, eng,und,jpn. Audio/Subtitles language priority: *,on.
From what I've read that shoudl turn the subtitles on.
However, many files have multiple subtitle tracks and they just don't display. I am forced to go to the Transcode folder to to select an "encoder with subtitles" an voila, they show up. But this means I can't simply binge, i have to navigate from folder to folder for each episode.

Is there a way to get the UMS to communicate with the PS3 to indicate there are subtitle tracks and let me flip through them? I'd like a way to set a "default" for each "folder" so to speak. Any suggestions would be beneficial.
Also, i do notice that some files come through and i get "data not supported" so i go to the transcode folder and select FFMPeg, and it works. But even if i put FFMPeg first in the transcoder list - instead of my customary MEncoder - i still am required to select FFMPeg from the transcode folder to get it to play.

I will keep using this software because it is awesome, but anything to make the use more friendly, would make it even better.
Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner

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Re: Subtitles in MKV with PS3

Post by Madoka » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:04 am

I also am a heavy subtitle user, although more with external subs and h264/mp4 files.

On the PS3, UMS has to transcode the subtitles over, so you can't switch subtitles on the PS3 on the fly with the subtitles button.

I am not a developer, but my understanding with the current UMS is that you cannot set individual preferences per folder.

I have also noticed that bug with subtitle tracks where some mkv files with multiple subtitle tracks will fail to play automatically while selecting the appropriate language/subtitle combination in the Transcode folder will result in a playable video. If you could post a debug log set to Trace for the developers, they may figure out the problem. See red text above.

I have also run into a few files with internal subs where FFmpeg will not play them even if I go into the Transcode folder, but Mencoder will.

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