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Vobsub Position

Post by Uni » Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:04 am

Hi everyone
Is it possible to change position for Vobsub (Subtitles) ?
subrip works great and i can change direct in UMS Settings>Transcode Settings>Mencoder>Margin%

my Setup:
UMS Version 7.3.0
using mencoder for Movies Stream to PS3

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Re: Vobsub Position

Post by valib » Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:15 pm

Vobsub are picture based subtitles. There is no way in the UMS to change position for them. Only for text based subtitles e.g. SUBRIP, TEXT, MICRODVD or WEBVTT is possible to set the position.

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Re: Vobsub Position

Post by Uni » Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:34 am

thanks for your answer

I also tried to edit .idx file, looks like this:
But nothing happened in UMS, so i tried VLC and also nothing changed.
In VLC Settings its possible to change Position for vobsubs so it work great but VLC and UMS ignores when edit .idx file :?

# Frame size
size: 1280x720

# Origin - upper-left corner
org: 0,0

# Scaling
scale: 100%, 100%

# Alpha blending
alpha: 100%

# Smoothing
smooth: OFF

# Fade in/out in milliseconds
fadein/out: 0, 0

# Force subtitle placement relative to (org.x, org.y)
align: OFF at LEFT TOP

# For correcting non-progressive desync. (in millisecs or hh:mm:ss:ms)
time offset: 0

# ON: displays only forced subtitles, OFF: shows everything
forced subs: OFF

# The palette of the generated file
palette: 000000, f0f0f0, cccccc, 999999, 3333fa, 1111bb, fa3333, bb1111, 33fa33, 11bb11, fafa33, bbbb11, fa33fa, bb11bb, 33fafa, 11bbbb

# Custom colors (transp idxs and the four colors)
custom colors: OFF, tridx: 1000, colors: 000000, 444444, 888888, cccccc

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