Another subtitles problem

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Another subtitles problem

Post by lriuqs » Thu Apr 18, 2019 4:39 am


After I updated UMS to 8.0.1 version something happend with my configuration of subtitles. Right now when I try to open on TV the movie or something, it loads quite a long and start the movie with forced subtitles.
Name od subtitles file is always the same like movie file.
Sometimes after few start - stop of the movie it load external subtitles.
I tryed to back to previous version of UMS 7.7.1. I made a clean install of both versions. I even uninstalled and deleted all UMS files from c:\ProgramData
My debug log in attachment.
In attachment also my sub configuration screen. I was also deleting configuration from audio/sub priority. It not helped.

Can't find anything similar to my problem on forum.

Could you help?

Best regards
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