Subtitle Info Display Bug

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Subtitle Info Display Bug

Post by Madoka » Sat May 11, 2019 5:17 pm

I'm on 8.0.1. I have eng,off in the Priority settings and Force External Subs checked.

I have some files with the audio labeled as English (even tho it's really Japanese, error by encoder). I have English external subtitles for these files.

UMS will not display any subtitle information in the main folder as if it's respecting the Eng,off setting and ignoring the Force external subs settings. However, if I play the file anyways, I actually get my external subs displayed, so UMS is respecting the Force External Subs setting, by not display them with {Ext subs etc} after the name of the file.

Not a big issue, but confusing to the user who is expecting subs.

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