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By Composer

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 3:31 am
by Trigeek00
Hello all... first post.

Over the last week I have installed UMS on my Ubuntu Server. Works like a charm... A big THANK YOU to the developers. I have looked on this fourm and was not able to find a feature request page. Hopefully this is the place to put in a request (to the long list I am sure you have).

I listen to a lot of classical music. Having a folder in the library for Composer would be a really handy thing to have. Ditto for Genre/Composer/Album.

Aside from this request, it would be amazing to have a folder builder feature... have a list if fields available (genre, artist, album, composer, etc...). The user could select and arrange fields to get a specific custom folder. Something like:

Folder = Genre, Composer, Album
Folder = Genre, Composer, Artist, Album

Thanks for reading!