Audio choosing behavior.

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Audio choosing behavior.

Post by MadHaTr » Wed Nov 20, 2019 12:59 pm

I own a UPB-X800 and it does not support TrueHD/Atmos/DD+ through DLNA.

I would like to know, is it possible to set UMS to play supported audio that is not the first audio in the file. For example, my files has Video:TrueHD:DTSMA. The player does support DTS MA but when I try to play the file it transcodes it instead of selecting the supported audio.

I do have a clumsy work around but it makes life miserable when the file only contains TrueHD. The workaround is to add the TrueHD into the config file, when I play my file it hangs indicating to me it's probably TrueHD. At this point I hit the audio button on my TV remote switching to the next audio(if available) and everything works fine.

Is it possible to set UMS to play supported audio that is not the first audio in the file.

PS Stay away from the UPB-X800, it has many issues.

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Re: Audio choosing behavior.

Post by Nadahar » Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:20 pm

It is possible to get UMS to use whatever audio and subtitles track you want by manually selecting the combination from the #TRANSCODE# folder. This won't help you though, because it will still transcode.

When not transcoding, the file is sent "as is" to the renderer. By the nature of this, UMS has no control over neither audio nor subtitles tracks when not transcoding. It's entirely up to the renderer to let the user select from the choices available in the file. So, what you're asking for (make the audio track selection on UMS but send the whole file with all tracks) isn't technically possible, there's no mechanism within UPnP to "instruct" the renderer of how to render the content. The standard pretty much assumes that "the renderer knows best" throughout, and it should be mentioned that the companies behind the standard are first and foremost manufacturers of hardware..

If your renderer hangs when it gets an audio track it can't understand, that's a very bad design. It should be able to look for one that it does support and use that, or at the very least let you choose. I can't see any other "workaround" than to let UMS transcode the content into something that the renderer can play without problems.

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