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No Renderers were found

Post by praxus07 » Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:47 pm

Nevermind...after messing around for a couple hours I seem to have stumbled on the solution. I registered UMS as a windows service, logged into admin controls, manually started the UMS service, and now it's working on both my systems...

Been having issues getting this to work, yet have no issues with ps3 media server/tversity. I'm getting the No renderers were found problem. Neither my ps3 nor my 360 can see UMS. Checked my router, upnp is enabled, and made an exception in Norton for ums.exe

Noticed in PS3MS that it uses port 5001 also, so changed the port in UMS to 5002. No difference.

Just updated to the latest java build, running windows vista home with all current updates installed. Attached the log files.
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Re: No Renderers were found

Post by SpeedyQ » Fri Dec 26, 2014 8:42 pm


I don't see a lot wrong with your setup. Only thing that comes to mind is your windows firewall settings.
Maybe you want to disable it first for a quick check and then enable it with the correct rules in place.
Also stop any running tversity, pms or ums processes before starting and testing again.

On Windows 7 64 bit regarding UMS, I have following incoming 'allow' rules in place that you might want to check in your setup:
- javaw.exe (TCP)
- ums.exe (Any)
- wrapper.exe (Any); you only need this one when running UMS as a service
- port 5001 rule (Any); the default UMS listening port (also if you're using a different port number you have to use that value)
- port 2869 rule (TCP); used for DLNA / uPNP discovery (SSDP)
- port 1900 rule (UDP); used for DLNA / uPNP discovery (SSDP)
I have not included the full path to the executables because that can be different in your setup.

Configuration should be something similar in your Windows Vista setup.

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