English subtitles missing

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English subtitles missing

Post by chermesh » Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:28 am

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I've added a new movie to my set, Atash. The movie's directory has bith an avi file and an English srt file (as a matter of fact' two srt files, one save in unicode and the other in ascii).
I manage to run the movie on my TV set, but no subtitles show up.
What's wrong?
Attach, an ums_dbg.zip file.

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Re: English subtitles missing

Post by ExSport » Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:57 am

Your log is empty and the previous one doesn't have TRACE mode enabled so there is no info why file is played with -nosub parameter.
I also see incorrect settings of audio/subs combination:

Code: Select all

Reading audio_subtitles_languages: "ie,off,eng;*,eng;*,und" (default: "eng,off;*,eng;*,und")
ie,off,eng pair is wrong ;)
Btw AVI files don't have audio tagged so it is like UND.
If your subs will be ENG or UND then UND,ENG;*,ENG or UND,UND;*,UND should force them.
Post new log with TRACING enabled. Every restart of UMS will replace your LOG file 8-)

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