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by David0325
Tue May 09, 2017 6:44 am
Forum: Linux-specific Support
Topic: Interface old theme
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Interface old theme

Ubuntu 16 UMS 6.5 Java 1.7 There is little problem with UMS user interface when I open UMS. User interface is ugly with an old style theme (as windows 95). How can I get the user interface of UMS to use the GTK theme in Linux? I already did the following tricks with no success :
by David0325
Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:01 pm
Forum: Website Issues and Suggestions
Topic: Update process
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Update process

Hello, Under Linux, the update process of UMS is a pain (open UMS, check udpates, open browser, download the last version…). As under Windows ! While under Linux, there are two fine solution : software center for Ubuntu and others, and the PPA (Personal Package Archives). When UMS will have an updat...
by David0325
Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:03 am
Forum: Linux-specific Support
Topic: Hide icon in indicator panel
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Hide icon in indicator panel


I'm using ubuntu 14. The icon of UMS in indicator panel is very ugly. Please, could tell me how to hide this icon or how to change it ?
by David0325
Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:43 am
Forum: General Help and Support
Topic: Codec ID isom
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Codec ID isom

Hello, Using UMS since several years, great apps, thanks. I just realize that mp4 file with codec id isom are not detected when all engines are disabled. I disabled all engines in order to stream without transcoding, with success for all videos except "mp4 / isom". Please, how to force UMS to detect...
by David0325
Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:27 pm
Forum: General Help and Support
Topic: 5.1.2 start slower than 4.4.0
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5.1.2 start slower than 4.4.0

Hello, Using UMS since some years and it run at windows start. I updated UMS from v 4.4.0 to 5.1.2 and since, UMS is a lot slower to start, and have an impact on windows start : more slower too. There is about 2 minutes speed between the both versions. I am surprise. What are the options in UMS to ...