Lost again - howto run...

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Lost again - howto run...

Post by hornetster » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:43 pm

Sorry, still lost on how to configure/run UMS correctly... If there is a straight-forward how-to PLEASE point me in the right direction.

I need to run as a daemon (yes, have asked this question before), so either need to run as root, or a specific UMS user.
I have had the program running (again, limping), using UMS-9.0.1.tgz, and decided to 'upgrade' to UMS-9.2.0.tgz. Looked for instruction on how to upgrade(??), all I could find was "it's easy". Untarred the download, and ran UMS.sh(??) and it runs (great!), but it's NOT and upgrade, it's just running. Where is the existing config? Can't find it, 'cause there is no default instruction on howto set it up in the first place, so forget how I did that (yes, somehow it is running as a daemon..., but where is the config??)
When it starts, it mentions <url>/5001/console/home, is supposed to be a "tiny cache admin interface", but all it does is scan the PC?? Is there a config interface, or does it have to be configured manually (ie text file). There is also a web interface: <url>/9001/, which appears to do very little...?
Don't get me wong, I would really like to be able to use this product, but appears just too difficult to re-invent the wheel every time (as there is no default documentation...)
All I want is some (findable) current, information, on how to install and configure.....

Ah well, there are others.....

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Re: Lost again - howto run...

Post by Nadahar » Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:13 am

There is no, that I know of, straight-forward howto. There are bits of information spread over different sources here and there, and you as the user, have to try to tie it all together. There are some, mostly quite outdated, documentation files in the GUI, but if you don't run the GUI, they aren't that easy to find. They should be "findable" in the folder structure when unpacked however. In addition, there's a Wiki on UMS' GitHub page with some more information that is slightly less outdated for the most part.

The main problem is that Linux is to a large degree a "sideshow", as none of the current developers use Linux themselves. Therefore, the knowledge about all things Linux isn't great, and it might be that nobody actually have the information you seek. There is also "an assumption" that you run UMS' GUI, and that anyone running it headless are "experts" that know how to configure the text files. That said, most options are documented in the "default" UMS.conf and DefaultRenderer.conf files that should be a part of the tar.

I'm pretty sure there exists no solution to run it as a daemon, except that I think that there's a user that has made some script to do it for some Linux distro and posted the description on this forum. There is no "official" support for it though.

There is no web-administration UI, and the "cache manager" is just some idea somebody had at a time that were never really followed through (I think). Yeah, basically all you can do is to trigger a scan :)

The web-interface is merely for playing back media, in addition to some very small stuff like looking at the latest part of the log file. If you enable the "server administration folders" (don't remember the name now), you can in fact configure a few things from within the web interface or from any renderer, but this is a system that hasn't been touched in years and I honestly don't know how useful or functional it is.

So, to sum it up, you can find some guidance when it comes to Linux installation in the Wiki. You can find configuration information in the default UMS.conf file, or by running the GUI. If you have a desktop environment installed, you COULD start the UMS with a GUI just to configure it, and then run in headless as a daemon later using the same configuration file.

The default configuration file location I THINK is

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Re: Lost again - howto run...

Post by boss » Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:52 pm

This is the startup script (in /etc/init.d) that I use for UMS.

It could be a starting point and you would just have to make a few mods to suit your system.
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Re: Lost again - howto run...

Post by hornetster » Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:31 pm

Thanks for the replies...
Yes, again I have it limping, but at least it is now accessible from the renderers on the network, and it is auto starting, and running as a service (thanks mainly to: https://www.slsmk.com/how-to-install-un ... less-mode/)

If I get the chance, I will put together a doco on how I see the setup process.....

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