TrueNAS (FreeBSD) Ports?

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TrueNAS (FreeBSD) Ports?

Post by seanshankus »

I know this is a probably a shot in the dark, but i have to try. SO i ran UMS on RPi for a while and had great success. I mostly use UMS for digital music both PCM & DSD with my devices being able to handle those formats directly, or at least through some customer renderer configs. And I run headless.

So, I finally got around to building out a my own NAS using the TrueNAS Core and wanted to run UMS within a Jail/IoCage (their version of containerization). the Jails are fairly straight forward and i think i can handle building that but i'm concerned is that since this is actually FreeBSD under the covers, the normal linux downloads may not work and that I might have to rebuild from source code. While I can run mvn builds and do some configuration, i've long given up being a true developer. i saw a few people did this like 6-8 years ago, but nothing recently. How much of a project am i really undertaking? Any advice or gotchas I should be aware of?
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Re: TrueNAS (FreeBSD) Ports?

Post by Nadahar »

The UMS jar file is the same for Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD and any other systems that supports Java. The local Java installation for that system takes care of making it runnable on that system, so you don't have to build UMS itself.

What you do need is FreeBSD versions of all the non-Java programs that UMS relies on, like FFmpeg, MEncoder, MediaInfo etc. UMS will work without most of these with limitations, but I'd at least recommend that you provide FFmpeg and MediaInfo. You don't need to compile these yourself though, you'll find versions compiled for FreeBSD already "out there", most are probably already available as a ready-to-use package.

I did test DMS (my fork of UMS) on FreeBSD a while a go, and it did have some issues. I don't remember what it was now, but be warned: Some things didn't play that well when I tested it. The program itself will run though, using the "standard" JAR file. You'll just have to see if any of the issues I encountered is a show-stopper for you or not.
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