Mac OS - Big Sur - Panasonic Viera issue - v9.8.2

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Mac OS - Big Sur - Panasonic Viera issue - v9.8.2

Post by irvingarmenta » Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:50 am

I was able to use Universal Media Server very easily before, so I'm not sure what's wrong now with the TV. I moved from another apartment and the LAN it's new, I can control the TV volume from within UMS and I can find it very easily, but I can't seem to find UMS in the TV UI, there is no way for me to access the media files, and I keep seeing this message in the logs:

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21:44:11 DEBUG Sending ALIVE...
21:44:11 DEBUG Warning: Unable to parse X-PANASONIC-DMP-Profile """"
21:44:11 DEBUG Recognized media renderer "Terebi"
My tv is called "Terebi" , this is the current system I'm on:

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  機種名:	MacBook Pro
  機種ID:	MacBookPro16,1
  プロセッサ名:	6コアIntel Core i7
  プロセッサ速度:	2.6 GHz
  プロセッサの個数:	1
  コアの総数:	6
  二次キャッシュ(コア単位):	256 KB
  三次キャッシュ:	12 MB
  ハイパー・スレッディング・テクノロジ:	有効
  メモリ:	16 GB
I apologize for the japanese, I'm just copy/pasting from the macbook, hope you can help me out, I appended the logs in this post.
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Re: Mac OS - Big Sur - Panasonic Viera issue - v9.8.2

Post by SubJunk » Thu Nov 19, 2020 3:32 pm

Hi :)
You can usually fix this issue by choosing the right network interface on the General Settings tab

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