more support for smart tv

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more support for smart tv

Post by nickhere » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:07 am

Basically everybody owns a smart tv but disappointed with the feature and lack of updates.
each tv has a update command that hasn't been updated in years.
You have 3 options.
#1 email the tv manufacture and get lost in the chain
#2 update it yourself
#3 find someone to update it

I choose 3 (l have lack of program experience)
recently i went to support and found out the following
operating system linux.
flash version 11.1.102
javaversion 1.85
and a 5 year old browser
wayout of date

if you able to push the updates to the tv would that not be better for compatibility
of universal media server.

you may also be able to install the better codec
and your app on the app screen page

while you at it you may be able to install other linux based apps
like google play

Remember to make master nand back up of the device to your local hard drive in case it go bad
I am willing to beta test

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Re: more support for smart tv

Post by Nadahar » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:26 am

I'm not sure I understand what you're suggesting, but I don't think UMS should get into the business of pushing firmware to renderers if that's what you mean. It would be more or less impossible for us to figure out how to do that in any kind of generic way, so we'd have to manage both downloading the firmware and updating the device on a per-device basis. I doubt very many devices would even let us push firmware to them, it would make them very vulnerable for installation of compromised firmware.

I personally wouldn't use software that tried to upload firmware to my devices, it would be a huge breach of trust as I see it.

A lot of devices will update the firmware using the internet simply by selecting some menu option on the device. Some will probably also do it automatically. Some devices will require the user to find, download and install the firmware manually, but I think that's more and more rare these days.

In short, I don't see the need or the way to do something like this, and I wouldn't consider it to be an ethical thing to do even if we could. I assume that Android and Apple devices already automatically updates themselves with the latest version of manufacturer spyware, and I think that is bad enough in itself.

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