Making TV Series Show Separately from Movies in UMS

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Making TV Series Show Separately from Movies in UMS

Post by dmorriso » Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:02 am

I am not sure if this is the right place for this post so please forgive if it needs to go somewhere else (and please tell me where it should go on the forums)...

I have installed and successfully been using UMS to stream my video content from a Windows PC to my various devices: PS3, Xbox One via Media Player and/or VLC apps, iPad/iPhone via Videos app. On all client platforms I have seen the same behavior (described below) and am wondering what I need to do to correct it...The issue is this:

My TV series are intermingled with all of my movies and it makes it very difficult to navigate among the various TV shows. What I mean by this is that I have meta-tagged my Movies and TV shows with genres such that they are nicely separated in folders and I can navigate among them quite easily in the UMS hierarchy. All truth told I have done this tagging through iTunes ("Get Info") as I have both Apple TV's accessing the content through their iTunes Home Sharing and the various other client devices using UMS. For the Genres I have used labels such as "Comedy, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, etc.) and it all actually works quite nicely from the perspective that when I access UMS from a client and navigate it shows them all under the "Video Genre" folder in their respective places (e.g. Videos>Video Genres). The problem I have is that the TV series are all jumbled together since I have tagged them coarsely as things like "TV Drama", and "TV Comedy" - e.g. I have 8 seasons of Big Bang Theory intermingled with 4 seasons of WKRP in Cincinnati).

I had initially thought that UMS would pick up the other metadata from iTunes such as "Media Kind = TV Show" and "Show = Big Bang Theory" and "Season = 1" etc. But it doesn't appear to be using these...I had also thought that it might show under the UMS folders such as "Series" (which is blank for me) and had high hopes when I navigated down through the UMS "Recorded TV" folder hierarchy into "Recorded TV>Folders>TV Shows>" and found a bunch of folders with the names of the TV Shows (e.g. Big Bang Theory, WKRP etc.) and the "Season" folders underneath (e.g. Season 1, Season 2, etc.). However - all of the "Season" folders are empty :| .

So - my question after all of that lead up is this - what do I need to do so that my TV shows are accessible in their own hierarchy per season through UMS on the various clients...It seems like the infrastructure is all there but I haven't tagged things quite right (or configured my UMS server quite right). I would really appreciate any feedback or assistance!

BTW - I do realize that a brute force method of doing this would be to just use the Genre meta-data tag and make separate tags for each TV Show (e.g. TV - BBT, TV - WKRP) but that doesn't really solve the "Season" problem. The meta-data fields are there - so I am hoping there is some way to use them in UMS!

Many Thanks in advance!

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Re: Making TV Series Show Separately from Movies in UMS

Post by SubJunk » Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:19 am

Hi dmorriso,

We are very close to the first release of UMS 7.0.0 which has this kind of detection in it, so keep an eye out over the next few days :)

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