Version 10.3.0 released

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Re: Version 10.3.0 released

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KONTROLMASTER wrote: Wed Mar 17, 2021 10:28 pm Also I have just one more question about the subtitles. Why the FFMPEG engine is not quite properly performing the subtitles, for ex. I have a file with multiple sub's, and to play it I need to start playing it for the several (two or three times, a bit)? I like this engine, because it shows many of the file's subtitles right, despite of MEncoder, which sometimes displays it wrong (out of screen), even if the settings of the style isn't change.
That's a limitation of FFmpeg itself unfortunately, and the speed of your hard drive and CPU. For some subtitle types, FFmpeg needs to parse the whole file before starting to burn the subtitles, so if you have a big file it can take a while to process.
You can improve that by using a fast SSD if you are currently using HDD, but that is expensive, and that's why we have that MEncoder setting to defer to it for those subtitles, because MEncoder is able to start immediately
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