Version 4.2.1 is released

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Re: Version 4.2.1 is released

Post by sma76928 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:17 pm

SubJunk wrote:
shaina wrote:this release is still not recognizing my lg pb6600 plasma properly but 5.0.0-a1 works great for it and not the xbox360 it would be great if there is a way to fix the lg pb6600 plasma on this release

Sorry but I think you'll have to wait until the next 5.0.0 release, since we added a new detection method in 5.0.0 that isn't in version 4. We will hopefully do our next 5.0.0 release soon!
sma76928 wrote:Hi SubJunk, i copnfirm that the webos tv is not suported for transcoding. now it buffers for a while, then some sound can be heard and a little bit of image as well, but at the end everything freeze
here is the log ... sp=sharing

best regards
Hi sma76928, thanks for the logs, but they need to be trace logs (instructions in my signature) :)

Hi Subjunk:
here is the traze log ... sp=sharing

best regards

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Re: Version 4.2.1 is released

Post by raprop » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:30 am

SubJunk wrote:
N3phastus wrote:Hey !

I've a Yamaha Receiver RXV-2065, and it shows up in UMS as Philips Aurea TV.

Is it fixable to get the right equipment showing up ?

Regards and keep the good work ! I'm using your software for almost 3 years !
In 5.0.0-a1 we have added new ways of identifying renderers, so please give us logs from that version so we can do that for you :)
gatty wrote:hi,
This version plays well with ext-sub on iPad using MEncoder. However, Vietnamese subtitles cannot be played correctly (Vietnamese characters are shown as square box), I guess it could be some settings about font encode or something else. this is a sample subtitle for reference. Please help by showing me how to config correctly ... ...

Can you please also upload the file "/var/folders/x4/62mr6ztd28zbkknzhnp1f4jc0000gn/T/universalmediaserver/"?
raprop wrote:Hi

now detect fine WebOS TV, but the externat sub failed... buffer overrun, only work fine if include SupportedExternalSubtitlesFormats = ASS,SUBRIP

if mkv hace a subt include how to disable this!?

Please make logs for this (link in my signature)

link for the logs.....

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Re: Version 4.2.1 is released

Post by trikster » Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:54 pm

Any chance for a stand alone installer? I am a rookie with Linux and I suck at getting this installed properly. I kind of got the last version installed, but I can only get a few filetypes to play... When I was using PS3 Media server, I did not have this issue. Kind of wish I didn't remove it now.

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Re: Version 4.2.1 is released

Post by Goose7 » Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:48 am

I posted this same info in the MAC OSX section...

UMS 4.2.1 is no longer listed in the DLNA server list on my Xbox One's media player after installing the November Xbox One System Update. I was just using it the other night to play background music and everything was working fine. Now, after updating the Xbox One with the latest system software UMS is missing from the server list.

Other DLNA servers I have available such as PLEX show up on the media player just like always and the access to the various files it is set up to serve all still work the same as before the system update was installed.

Any ideas?

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