Version 5.0.0 is released

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by Triplefun » Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:58 pm

U5 is really great. However, just looked at the log files and note VLC is not found ..

01-26 16:40:32 VSFilter / DirectVobSub was not found. This can cause problems when trying to play subtitled videos with AviSynth.
01-26 16:40:32 Searching for plugins in C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Media Server\plugins
01-26 16:40:32 No plugins found
01-26 16:40:32 Registering transcoding engine: AviSynth/FFmpeg
01-26 16:40:32 Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg Audio
01-26 16:40:32 Registering transcoding engine: MEncoder
01-26 16:40:32 Registering transcoding engine: AviSynth/MEncoder
01-26 16:40:32 Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg
01-26 16:40:33 Executable of transcoder profile VLC not found
01-26 16:40:33 Checking IP: for Squeezebox Boom
01-26 16:40:33 Renderer Squeezebox Boom found on this address: Office-PC (
01-26 16:40:33 Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg Web Video
01-26 16:40:33 Registering transcoding engine: MEncoder Web
01-26 16:40:33 Executable of transcoder profile VLC Web Video not found
01-26 16:40:33 Registering transcoding engine: tsMuxeR
01-26 16:40:33 Registering transcoding engine: Audio High Fidelity
01-26 16:40:33 Executable of transcoder profile VLC Web Audio (Legacy) not found
01-26 16:40:33 Executable of transcoder profile VLC Web Video (Legacy) not found
01-26 16:40:33 Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg DVR-MS Remux
01-26 16:40:33 Registering transcoding engine: dcraw Thumbnailer

I am running windows 8.1 64bit and VLC 64bit (2.1.5 Rincewind) is indeed loaded ..

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by sombudy » Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:42 pm

Triplefun wrote:I just tried BubbleUPNP on my Android tablet with UMS 5 and it worked fine. The only issue is that my networked Windows 8 PCs are registering as default PlayStation 3 renderers and my Android tablet as Chromecast (it uses the default Android browser).
The problem is with BubbleUPnP Server and UMS for Windows, not the android app (BubbleUPnP).

You can change the renderer config used for the device by clicking on it in UMS 5 Status tab. Alternatively, you can create a custom config for that device.

To get your android device to load the android profile, either disable the chromecast renderer in General Config tab, or add this line to your Android.conf

Code: Select all

LoadingPriority = 1

Code: Select all

# The loading priority of this renderer. This should be set to 1 (or greater)
# if this renderer config is a more specific version of one we already have.
# For example, we have a Panasonic TVs config that is used for all
# Panasonic TVs, except the ones we have specific configs for, so the
# specific ones have a greater priority to ensure they are used when
# applicable instead of the less-specific renderer config.
# Default: 0
LoadingPriority = 
Here's my custom android config named SGS4.conf:

Code: Select all

# Profile for SGS4.
# See DefaultRenderer.conf for descriptions of all the available options.

RendererName = SGS4
RendererIcon = android.png
UserAgentSearch = Android
LoadingPriority = 1

Video = true
Audio = true
Image = true

SeekByTime = true
CreateDLNATreeFaster = true
ChunkedTransfer = true

TranscodeVideo = MPEGTS-H264-AC3
TranscodeAudio = MP3
CustomFFmpegOptions = -async 1 -fflags +genpts -c:a libmp3lame -ac 2 -b:v 35000k -bufsize 35000k -f matroska
TranscodeFastStart = true
TranscodedVideoAudioSampleRate = 48000
H264Level41Limited = false
# TranscodeExtensions = m2ts,ts

# Ignored if MediaInfo = true
# MuxH264ToMpegTS = false
# MuxDTSToMpeg = true
# MuxLPCMToMpeg = true

# WrapDTSIntoPCM = false

MaxVideoBitrateMbps = 40
MaxVideoWidth = 1920
MaxVideoHeight = 1080
RescaleByRenderer = true
AutoExifRotate = true

# StreamExtensions = mkv,hdmov,hdm,flac,fla,dts,ogg,asf,asx,m2v,mp4,mpg,mpeg,avi,mov,wmv,flv,webm,vob,m4a,aac,mpc,m4v,ogv
# Add to supported formats StreamExtensions = hdm,fla,asx

MediaInfo = true

# MimeTypesChanges = video/mpeg=video/mp4|video/mpegts=video/avi|video/ts=video/avi

# Supported video formats:
Supported = f:mp2t|asf|avi|divx|dv|flv|h264|h265|hdmov|mjpeg|mkv|mov|mp4|m2ts|m2v|m4v|mpeg|mpeg1|mpeg2|mpegps|mpegts|mpg|ogv|ts|und|vc1|vob|webm|wmv	v:mp2t|asf|avi|divx|dv|flv|h264|h265|hdmov|mjpeg|mkv|mov|mp4|m2ts|m2v|m4v|mpeg|mpeg1|mpeg2|mpegps|mpegts|mpg|ogv|ts|und|vc1|vob|webm|wmv	a:aac|aac-h|ac3|aiff|alac|ape|asf|atrac|dts|dtshd|eac3|flac|lpcm|m4a|mp3|mpa|mpc|ogg|ra|truehd|wavpac|wav|wma
# m:video/avi
# n:6	s:48000 b:40000	w:1920	h:1080

# Supported audio formats:
Supported = f:aac|aac-h|ac3|aiff|alac|ape|asf|atrac|dts|dtshd|eac3|flac|lpcm|m4a|mp3|mpa|mpc|ogg|ra|truehd|wavpac|wav|wma

# Supported image formats:
Supported = f:bmp|gif|jpg|png|tiff

# Supported subtitles formats:
SupportedExternalSubtitlesFormats = ASS,MICRODVD,SAMI,SUBRIP,TEXT,WEBTT

#    rm       RealMedia (RMVB)                          application/vnd.rn-realmedia-vbr

# The following is a list of tags, full names, usual MIME types and notes:
#    Tag:     Full Name:                                MIME type:                         Notes:
#    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#    aac      Advanced Audio Coding (Low Complexity)    audio/x-m4a
#    aac-he   Advanced Audio Coding (High-Efficiency)   audio/aacp
#    ac3      Audio Codec 3 (Dolby Digital)             audio/ac3
#    aiff     Audio Interchange File Format             audio/L16
#    alac     Apple Lossless Audio Codec                audio/m4a
#    ape      Monkey's Audio                            audio/ape
#    atrac    Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding        audio/x-sony-oma
#    avi      Audio Video Interleave                    video/avi
#    bmp      Bitmap                                    image/bmp
#    divx     DivX Video                                video/avi
#    dts      Digital Theater Systems                   audio/vnd.dts
#    dtshd    Digital Theater Systems (HD)              audio/vnd.dts.hd
#    dv       Digital Video                             video/dv
#    eac3     Enhanced AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus)        audio/eac3
#    flac     Free Lossless Audio Codec                 audio/x-flac
#    flv      Flash Video                               video/x-flv
#    gif      Graphics Interchange Format               image/gif
#    h264     H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC)                video/h264
#    jpg      JPEG                                      image/jpeg
#    lpcm     Linear Pulse-Code Modulation              audio/L16
#    mjpeg    Motion JPEG                               video/x-motion-jpeg
#    mkv      Matroska Video                            video/x-matroska
#    mov      QuickTime File Format                     video/quicktime
#    mp3      MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III          audio/mpeg
#    mp4      ISOM/MPEG4 container, or MPEG-4 codec     video/mp4
#    mpa      MPEG Audio                                audio/mpeg
#    mpc      MusePack                                  audio/x-musepack
#    mpeg1    MPEG-1                                    video/mpeg                         Used in VCDs
#    mpeg2    MPEG-2                                    video/mpeg                         Used in DVDs and HDTV broadcasts
#    mpegps   MPEG Program Stream                       video/mpeg                         Used in DVDs and VCDs
#    mpegts   MPEG Transport Stream                     video/mpeg                         Used in sat TV and Blu-ray Discs
#    ogg      Ogg Vorbis                                audio/x-ogg
#    png      Portable Network Graphics                 image/png
#    ra       RealAudio                                 audio/vnd.rn-realaudio
#    rm       RealMedia (RMVB)                          application/vnd.rn-realmedia-vbr
#    tiff     Tagged Image File Format                  image/tiff
#    truehd   Dolby TrueHD                              audio/vnd.dolby.mlp
#    vc1      Microsoft VC-1                            video/vc1
#    wavpac   WavPack                                   audio/wavpack
#    wav      Waveform Audio File Format                audio/wav
#    wma      Windows Media Audio                       audio/x-ms-wma
#    wmv      Windows Media Video                       video/x-ms-wmv                     Tag also used for asf files
#    und      Undetermined, if the parser did not recognize one of above
# There are a lot of good resources for finding MIME types on the Internet, one
# of which is
# Each of the "Supported" lines contains the following parameters separated by
# spaces or tabs:
#    f:         Regular expression to match the format of a file, see the list
#               above. This parameter is mandatory.
#    v:         Regular expression to match the video codec, see the list above.
#    a:         Regular expression to match the audio codec, see the list above.
#    m:         The MIME type to send to the renderer. Use of this parameter is
#               strongly recommended. If it is not set, an estimated value will
#               be assigned.
#    n:         The maximum number of audio channels.
#    s:         The maximum audio sample frequency (Hertz).
#    b:         The maximum bitrate (bits per second) of the whole file.
#    w:         The maximum video/image width (pixels).
#    h:         The maximum video/image height (pixels).
#    qpel:      Quarter pixel codec setting (yes or no).
#    gmc:       The number of global motion compensation warp points.
#    gop:static Whether the only supported MPEG-2 GOP type is static.
It's probably not configured well, but you can use it as a template. Open DefaultRenderer.conf for more info. EDIT: I don't recommend using my config.

.conf files can be opened with notepad or Notepad ++.

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by DeFlanko » Mon Jan 26, 2015 6:38 pm

Great job guys, sorry i haven't been around as much as id like.. this first year of being a parent is rough work! the hospital never gave me my parenting handbook!

But seriously, i can see how much hard work and effort into testing went into this major release, i hope we can alternatively call it the Plex killer. :lol:

again, like always, keep up the excellent work everyone, super proud of this!

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by paulgala89 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:49 pm

Great job guys, the new version is amazing but I have a problem.. After updating UMS from 4.40 to 5.00, Xbox 360 has been unable to connect to UMS... In universal media server appears the console (with the right ip) but on the xbox 360... nothing! how this is possible? :?

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by arix » Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:16 pm

Great job !
I have minor problem,
After closing server seems like memory is not free back

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by RMcV » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:24 am


Even with the final release of 5.0.0, I still cannot play the next video in the directory. I get video cannot be played. This is the same error I got when testing 5 beta, 5 alpha works fine. I left a message with a zip with dump files in it, but nobody responded. Here is the link to that message viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2577&start=20#p13716 . Can somebody please help me out.



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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by ExSport » Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:56 am

To get better chance developers will dig into it is providing trace debug.log from latest version.

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by Nake » Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:16 pm

I finished watching an episode of series and I was surfing web with phone at couch when I suddenly realized that my PC was louder than it should've been on idle. So I checked Task Manager and javaw.exe was using 25% of CPU (so it was CPU fan making all the noise). This is new in 5.0.0, never happened with earlier versions before, atleast for me. Unfortunately I rebooted UMS and I didn't remember to take logs to safety. I tried to reproduce this by playing same file for awhile but it didn't work. I make sure to add it next time when/if this happens again.

I have Java 8 Update 31 (32bit & 64bit) installed and I use BubbleUPnP on Nexus 4 (Lollipop 5.0.1) to browse files and to select what I want to watch via Chromecast. OS: Windows 7 64bit

EDIT: I think cause may be thumbnails, because I enabled them after updating to 5.0.0. I'd like to get confirmation for this one if the case is that. Tho dunno why it would take 15min+ to generate all thumbnails, I don't have that many files.

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by ExSport » Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:41 pm

Thumbnails are generated as you browse folders so if folder had not thousands of files, it should not be your case.
In UMS GUI there is a "Magnify" button when you are adding new shares. This button scans all shared folders automatically which can take some time.
If you clicked on it, it should the case.

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Re: Version 5.0.0 is released

Post by arix » Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:14 am

Few days ago I wrote about free memory after close UMS.
I m not sure it's UMS problem.
I think it's new AVG antivirus which takes a lot of resources.
I removed AVG and installed other antivirus.

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