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Version 2.2.1 is released

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:48 pm
by SubJunk

You can download it from the front page.

This release improves audio sync, SSA subtitle renderering speed and file support (especially MKV and AVI) on all renderers, especially on PS3 and Panasonic TVs.

Changes since 2.2.0:
  • General:
    • Improved MEncoder audio sync
    • Improved TS video support on PS3
    • Installer offers to automatically close UMS if it is running
    • Updated JRE auto-download to 7u10
    • Fixed tsMuxeR support on non-PS3 renderers
    • Improved MediaInfo support
    • More files work on Panasonic TVs
    • Updated images for PS3 and Panasonic TV renderers
    • External Components:
      • Updated MPlayer/MEncoder to SB46, which:
        • Makes ASS/SSA subtitle rendering up to 3.5x faster
        • Improves sync for files with negative timestamps
        • Improves AC-3 audio buffering
        • Fixes memory leaks

Upgrade Notes:

For versions prior to 1.5.0:
It is recommended to delete your UMS.conf file prior to installing this version. For Windows users you can choose the "clean install" option while installing instead.

For all versions:
It is recommended (but usually not necessary) to uninstall the older version before installing the new one.


glebb for building UMS for OS X
ExSport for hours of testing and contributions to this version

Re: Version 2.2.1 is released

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:38 am
by SubJunk
OS X build is released :)