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Log viewer

Post by mik_s » Fri Jan 08, 2021 6:38 pm

Just curious if anyone uses a log viewer program.
I was using Notepad++ for a while but thought there must be an easier way

I've found LogViewPlus and has made looking at the debug logs a lot easier. I have set up a few filters and highlights for common problems so I can easily jump to the relevant part.

Problem is it is not free and only has a 30 day trial. I found a way around it by deleting the settings data in appdata/roaming and reinstalling, Unfortunately that wipes all the filters set up but not too hard to set up again.

Anyone have any better recommendations for a free viewer with similar features?
Logs are important for us to help, Please follow This Link before asking for support. Just a forum cleaner, Will help if I can but no expert.

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