Which digital camera should I buy?

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Which digital camera should I buy?

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Hello everyone,
I am looking for a new digital camera and need your help.
I'm a total beginner - I'm more of a snap "here and there" guy and think that will be the case for now.
I've used this digital camera before https://productz.com/de/leica-c-lux/p/WangP - but I now want to buy a new camera that might be a little bit better and might also create some better pictures.
Which of the cameras on the market would you recommend me... I think I want to spend $800 max... Anyone have some good tips and suggestions?
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Re: Which digital camera should I buy?

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Wrong place for that. You would be better posting on a forum for cameras
Logs are important for us to help, Please follow This Link before asking for support. Just a forum cleaner, Will help if I can but no expert.
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