How to have a "clean" UMS.conf

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How to have a "clean" UMS.conf

Post by squadjot » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:57 am

Hi fellow UMS'ers

By messing around i discovered a small "trick" that gives me a UMS.conf that contains only the "changed" values.

1. After clean install of UMS, go through all the annoying prompts fast as possible, and then quit UMS.
2. Delete or rename C:\ProgramData\UMS\UMS.conf
3. Now launch UMS and this time set it up as you want, then quit.
4. Now you have a C:\ProgramData\UMS\UMS.conf with only settings you've changed.

So i guess this is slightly beneficial if you are backing up your UMS.conf before using "clean install" option.
(Because there will be less risk of backing up irrelevant default values that might actually change in future versions)

I'm on windows, not sure what the folders are called on osx.

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